Mystic Tarot Masterclass

with Rising Woman Resident Astrologer,
Andrea Dupuis


Learn how to read tarot to see what's happening in your life, for help making decisions and to gain insight into your future.

You can even make money reading cards for others!

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What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient divination technique to see the underlying themes happening in your life and gain insight into how to best handle them.

A Tarot deck has 78 cards - each with its own unique message, imagery and symbolism.

The imagery on the cards is designed to activate your subconscious mind and inner wisdom.

Once you learn the hidden symbolism and messages in each card, you can put them in a spread and the answers come to life!

Learning to read tarot gives you a lifelong tool to help yourself, friends, family or clients get answers & insight about whatever is happening in life.

In This Three Part Masterclass

You'll Discover:

Session One

The Secret Meanings of Tarot

Discover the symbolism and secret messages written within each tarot card.

You'll discover:

  • What the Minor and Major 'Arcana' Are
  • The Archetypes of Tarot and the messages they represent from our subconscious mind
  • The 4 different suits and the day to day experiences they represent
  • How to memorize each card and it's meaning with ease


Session Two

Ideal Spreads

Once you understand the meanings of the cards, the next step is to know how to place them into a 'reading'.  This is called a spread.

You'll discover:

  • The Ideal Spreads to use for easy and clear answers
  • Andrea's special relationship spread - see compatibility, ask questions about a partner or potential match
  • General life spread - to see what's upcoming in your life
  • Morning spread - to set the tone of the day
  • New and full moon spreads - used for setting intentions and releasing

Session Three

Demo Readings with Andrea

and Special Guest Tarot Reader

One of the best ways to learn tarot is to watch others read. Watch Andrea and her special guest demo readings using their unique intuitive processes.

In this session:

  • Andrea and special guest do demo readings to show you what a reading looks like from start to finish
  • After each demo they debrief their reading step-by-step
  • They share techniques to tap into your intuition for profound insights, beyond the messages of the cards

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+ Free Bonuses:

The Secret Meanings of Tarot Workbook

($100 Value)

An in depth Tarot Workbook that outlines all the best spreads, the meaning of each card and how to read combinations. This is a great tool to help you memorize the deck and have for reference when you start doing readings.

Access Your Intuition Guided Meditation

($50 Value)

There are 5 different types of intuition styles. In this meditation you'll discover and access your unique intuition style. Knowing our intuition styles allows us to access profound intuitive insight during our readings. It also helps sharpen our intuition in daily life!

This Masterclass is for you, if you:

  • Want a tool to help you (and others) get answers and see what's upcoming in life

  • Feel drawn to Tarot and the esoteric arts but aren't sure where to start (start with this masterclass!)

  • Have dabbled in Tarot but lack the confidence to put together a spread and interpret the cards

  • Want to sharpen your intuition and connect with your spiritual gifts

  • You're a coach, healer or therapist and want to help your clients deeper by adding tarot to your sessions
  • You're learning astrology and want to deepen your knowledge- Astro and Tarot are like peanut butter and Jelly ;)

Meet Your Guide

Hi I’m Andrea, the resident Astrologer for Rising Woman. Not many know this, but I started reading tarot long before I learned to read charts! It was my first introduction into all things mystic and divination. It was an incredible tool for me to learn about myself, to read for my friends and to get insight into situations occurring in my life. To this day I use tarot daily and in all my astrology readings. Tarot is an ancient divination tool… it helps you uncover and connect with your Inner Wise Woman. I can't wait to show you how to read Tarot for yourself and others!

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Mystic Tarot Masterclass


Here's everything you get:

  • 3 Complete Sessions with Andrea (and special guest Tarot Reader) - where  you'll learn to read tarot for yourself and others (you could even make money reading for others!)
  • Bonus #1: In Depth Tarot Workbook to help you memorize the deck and ideal spreads
  • Bonus #2: Oracle Reading Mini-Class 
  • Bonus #3: Access your Intuition Meditation
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