Mystic Astrologer:
Level 2 Apprenticeship Program

Become a Certified Mystic Astrologer and Learn How to Build a Thriving Professional Astrology Business!

Enrollment for the 2024 Apprenticeship is Currently Closed.

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Mystic Astrologer:
Level 2 Apprenticeship Program

Become a Certified Mystic Astrologer and Learn How to Build a Thriving Professional Astrology Business!

Enrollment for the 2024 Apprenticeship is Currently Closed.

If you want to be notified when we re-open the doors, join the waitlist below.

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Learn How To Read Charts Professionally And Be Able To Make Great Money Doing So!

With your Mystic Astrology Certification you can:

  • Create a thriving astrology practice (if that’s what you want)
  • Add it as an offering to your coaching/therapy business
  • Or create a side hustle with extra income if you’re not ready to do it full time (it's a skill you can always fall back on to make money when needed)

It's truly never been a better time to become a professional astrologer or to add astrologer to your toolkit as a coach or therapist!

We are living in uncertain times right now.

People are looking for answers, for guidance...

They are looking for someone to give them hope and share what they can expect now and in the future. 

And because of that, the astrology business is booming!

And with the recent shift of Pluto into Aquarius (the ruler of astrology and unconventional ways of healing)... 

Astrology is only going to become more popular as a way for people to make sense of & guide their lives.

As a professional astrologer, you'll have the skills to help people by providing them with insight into their lives and future ... and you can make a lucrative income doing it.

This Apprenticeship is an opportunity to mentor closely with Andrea (Rising Woman's Resident Astrologer), deepen your astrology knowledge and learn how to build a thriving professional astrology business.

You’ll be one of few people in the world who has access to Andrea’s unique system of astrology. You can use her methods in your readings. You’ll have an entire system of astrology at your fingertips. 

Here's Everything You'll Get:

6 Months of Personal Group Mentorship On The Mystic System of Astrology With Andrea. You get weekly sessions of deep astrology training with Andrea, on her unique Mystic Astrology System (Including her accurate prediction & timing techniques).

Value: $8000.00 

The Structure of a Professional Astrology Reading. How to do an astrology reading from A-Z and relay the information in a way that is inspiring and easy to understand. By the end of the program you'll feel confident in the power of your readings to transform your clients lives.

Andrea's System For How to Make a Reading Sacred. How to source your readings from a sacred place. How to set up your space, get into a good mentality and connect with God/Spirit (hint: this is key), how to create context for the client so they are safe.

Guidance On Your Pricing. What to charge for your readings, when to increase your pricing and how to get referrals from each person you read for.

Personal Development Support. Being an incredibly powerful and effective astrologer isn’t just about knowing astrology, it’s about who you are, your level of personal growth and inner clarity. Through this program you’ll be given personal growth sessions to help you be the best reader possible.

Live, One-on-One Feedback from Andrea On Your Readings. We’ll do live demo readings - we’ll read charts for each other in front of each other! The best way to learn to read is to do it and receive feedback in a supportive environment.

Live Business Training Sessions with Sheleana Aiyana, the founder of the 7 figure company Rising Woman, on how to create a business that’s authentic to you based on your chart, your Human Design and your energy type. This is the only place you can get direct business advice from Shay! She has immense wisdom on the energetics & internal workings of being a business owner.

Value: $5000.00

Your Custom Business Blueprint Based On Your Birth Chart. Discover how you can best build a business based on your Astrology and Human Design charts. You'll discover how to thrive as your energy type, what your greatest gifts are, what businessy things come naturally to you (and what you should outsource) and whether you should work 1-1, in groups or on a mass scale.

Value: $500.00

The Admin Side of Astro: Which software to use, how to set up a call, what to use to book appointments - we’ll walk you through all of these details so it’s easy for you. You get all of our templates and tools to use in your business.

Value: $250.00

Weekly Study Groups where you get access to Andrea’s trained astrologers who each have a professional astrology practice. They will be available as your tutors to personally answer your questions and help you practice the art of reading charts throughout the program.

Value: $1000.00

Potential to Make Money as a Rising Woman Study Group Teacher when we launch the next group. In order to be a teacher in the program you need to have taken this program

Private Apprenticeship Community with Fellow Astrologers in Training. You will develop a strong sense of community with likeminded people with a passion for astrology. You'll have a private Facebook group to connect with each other outside of the calls

Value: $250.00

Community Connection with Fellow Astrologers in Training. You will develop a strong sense of community with likeminded people with a passion for astrology.


TOTAL Value: $15,000.00


How to Integrate Tarot into Your Astrology Readings

(Value: $150.00)

In this session, guest Astrologer Dawn Harrison teaches her unique technique for incorporating Tarot into her Astrology readings. This allows you to tap into additional insights for your client, and amplifies your value as a reader hugely! 

Goddess Asteroids Masterclass

(Value: $150.00)

Goddess Asteroids are a unique aspect of Astrology that gives deeper insight into our life path. We bring in an expert on this topic to share about Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, Vesta and any other she uses and how she uses them.

Additional Workshops with Expert Astrologers and Andrea's Teachers

(Value: $200.00)

Deepen your Astrology Knowledge and Learn More About Yourself in Various 'Surprise' Bonus Workshops with Andrea's favorite Astrology Experts in the Industry.

TOTAL Value With Bonuses: $15,500.00

This Program is for you, if you:

  • You have a basic knowledge of astrology but want to go MUCH deeper
  • Want to read charts professionally (the astrology business is currently booming!)   
  • Want to learn how to make a lucrative income with astrology - whether it's a side hustle, full time business or an add on to your current business
  • Are PASSIONATE about astrology and can’t wait to spend more time learning, studying and diving into it
  • Want a skill that brings you a deeper sense of purpose and meaning
  • Want a career where you can work from home or anywhere in the world
  • Are already working as a coach, healer or therapist and want to add a skill to better understand and support clients in your practice 
  • Are highly intuitive or want to develop your intuition and feel inspired to help others 
  • Love the Esoteric Arts (tarot, astrology, Human Design, oracle cards, alchemy, hand reading etc.)
  • Are interested in using astrology to see your unique path for evolution and growth in life

How The Program Works:

This is a 6 Month Program. We have a live session with Andrea 3 weeks per month and an optional small study group call every week. 

Astrology  Sessions with Andrea Dupuis

In these 3 sessions per month Andrea (Rising Woman Resident Astrologer) goes live with you and you can bring all your astrology questions. She’ll dive deeper into everything you need to know to read a chart from A-Z, plus give you her advanced techniques and show you how and what she uses to professionally read charts.

Weekly Study Group with Andrea's Trained Astrologers

Each student will be assigned to a small study group lead by one of Andrea’s trained astrologers. It’s a place you can bring any questions you have about your chart, others charts or what Andrea taught on the calls. These calls are a great opportunity to experience community and connection with your fellow astrologers in training.

Authentic Business Training with Sheleana Aiyana, Founder of Rising Woman

Sheleana built Rising Woman into a 7 figure company using authentic content creation and spiritual business principles. She will share her methods with you in this program.

She will mentor on how to build a business based on your astrology & human design chart and on overcoming the most common blocks that keep people from really shining their gifts into the world.

Between Sheleana's business knowledge and Andrea's 10 years of experience as an operations manager, they will give you tools to build your confidence and run a spiritual business.

You will also get a "Business Blueprint" based on your unique birth chart... 

Your Custom Business Blueprint Based On Your Birth Chart Will Show You:

Which of the 4 energy types you are and how to build a business that suits your energy type 

Whether You're Meant to work 1-1, groups or if you will thrive teaching on a large scale

Which things will come naturally to you in building a business, and what you should outsource

The things in business that will cause you to get stuck or drain your cash flow.

Knowing these things is crucial, and we can pinpoint aspects in your chart that will either nourish or deplete your energy and bank account. 

What your greatest creative gifts are. Are you meant to do one thing and master it, or is your destiny to have multiple wide offerings? Everyone says “find a niche” and stick to it, but this isn’t always good advice and in fact it can be one of the reasons we fail in business… we aren’t all here to do one thing!

Value: $500.00

What You'll Learn Each Month:

Month 1

Foundation of Astrology and Spiritual Practices  


Deep Dive Into the 8 Foundational Pillars of Astrology. We'll master these 8 pillars so our foundation is strong before we layer on the advanced techniques in the Mystic Astrology System.

We'll also lay a foundation for Spiritual Practice. The best astrologers remain connected to their inner-self and know how to keep their intuitive channel clear.

In Month 1, You Will Learn:

  • The Mystic Method of reading charts for the most accurate readings
  • A daily spiritual devotion practice to cultivate intuition and connection to inner-self
  • Deeper knowledge of the houses, planets, archetypes, various systems of astrology, rulership and dignity
  • How to piece a chart together into a comprehensive reading 
  • Andrea's highly coveted "Chart Interpretation Checklist" outlining exactly in what order to do readings for the best results
  • What projections are, why the happen, how they show up in a reading and how not to project 
  • How to remain a clear channel as you relay your insights, so it can be the most empowering experience for your clients
  • You'll also get a copy of her 'Easy Memorization Booklet' 

Month 2

Mastering Advanced Prediction and Timing Techniques


Discover Andrea's Highly Accurate Prediction and Timing Techniques. These techniques combine eastern and western schools of thought and are layered for accuracy.

Most people are looking for guidance on future timing… when to launch a business, when to get married, when they will find love, have a baby, when they will leave a hard cycle, or when they can move and where.

As astrologers we need to have many predictive and timing techniques in our toolbelt.

In Month 2, You Will Learn:

  • Andrea's Top 7 Timing and Prediction Techniques she uses to give such accurate readings. (She has so many emails from former clients saying ‘you were spot on!’)
  • How to 'layer' and cross check predictive techniques to give your client the most accurate timing
  • How to read advanced solar return charts, progressed charts and progressed moon, transits, dasha periods, lunar returns and zodiacal releasing
  • The ethics around prediction and timing and how to offer great remedies for people struggling

Month 3

Sacred Purpose & Career


Dive into Your Sacred Purpose and Learn How to Help Others with Their Career and Purpose. You'll also start learning how to building your astrology practice this month.

We each have ideal careers, soul purposes and ways we can make money. But for some of us, not all 3 things are combined.

Discover the techniques to see Career & Purpose & Money in anyone's chart and if these elements are combined or separate for the person.

In Month 3, You Will Learn:

  • THE most important aspect to look for in a chart (Rahu/Ketu) and why it's the key to living our true purpose. You'll learn this from a guest astrologer who is the TOP expert in the world on this topic
  • How to see if others are doing their most ideal career
  • How to see anyone's purpose in their chart
  • What to look for that indicates astrology & esoteric based careers, spiritual careers as well as psychic ability so you can check these in your chart and also see it for others.
  • You’ll receive your Custom Business Blueprint this month where we go into how to best design your business based on your chart. You'll discover if you should do 1:1 or group work and whether you're a teacher, writer or both.

This month is also when Andrea will start mentoring you on how to do professional readings and create your own astrology practice.

She'll give you her Professional Reading Guide - the first step to creating a successful business. It outlines how to charge for readings, setting them up, the tech, merchants and much more.

Month 4

Relationship Astrology


Learn Andrea's Relationship Astrology Techniques, and how to overlay two people’s charts. Synastry and Composite charts show us how well two people will harmonise together and reveal what their unique relationship karma is.

The study of relationship charts can be personally healing. It can help us let go of past relationships and guide us how to best harmonise in our current & future relationships. 

In Month 5, You Will Learn:

  • The techniques Andrea uses for reading couples to see their core issues and solutions
  • How to take what you see in a chart and offer remedies to support their challenges
  • The 3 Elements of Relationship Compatibility. Hint - Charts are just one of the elements! There's much more that goes into compatibility and Andrea will teach you those secrets
  • Tried and True Compatibility Techniques: synastry, composite charts, vedic compatibility, transit overlay, moon chasing moon, hard and soft aspects between two people
  • Why astrology compatibility is just one factor, and how to see someone's "Readiness, Timing and Relationship Capacity" in their chart

Month 5

Building a Professional Astrology Practice


Discover how to create a side business or a full time thriving astrology business.
Shay will join us and coach you on the most common blocks to building a spiritual business. She will give you the inner tools needed to build a biz authentically and confidently.

Andrea will share all of her business operations templates and tools with you (she's been a Chief Operating Officer for 10+ years for various spiritual businesses and has used these templates in her astrology biz.) These templates & tools are invaluable.

In Month 5, You Will Learn:

  • How to overcome the most common blocks to building a spiritual business and being seen (and the psychology of putting your work online)
  • How to develop the confidence to share your gifts with the world 
  • How to step into your power and have the confidence to read professionally and charge what you're worth
  • The most important part of being a professional astrologer: connection to spirit and having solid healthy daily rituals. Andrea will share her "Reading Prep Plan"
  • Tips and tools from Andrea on how to create the most powerful and impactful readings for others 
  • What to charge and how to start getting referrals 
  • How to Operate an Astrology Business from A to Z
  • How to set up your invoicing and take payment
  • Which astrology softwares to use for readings
  • How to book calls, which software to use for hosting your sessions
  • You'll receive all of our templates: Intake Forms, Invoicing, Confidentiality Agreements

Month 6

Astrology Practicum


The Best Way To Learn Is Through EXPERIENCE

In month 6 you’ll get out there and start reading for people (either paid or donation).

You’ll have 3 weeks to get professional readings under your belt while having Andrea and her trained astrologers' personal feedback and support.

It’s so important to get out there and practice! We will hold your hand as you get out there and do readings.

At the end of this month you will submit a video reading to be considered for certification.

What Past Apprenticeship Students Are Saying About The Program...

"The apprenticeship program has been life changing. This program allowed me space and time to fully integrate the ancient wisdom of astrology. I started the course with entry level knowledge and was able to graduate and build my own astrology practice! Andrea always shared that reading Astrology charts would click one day, and that’s exactly what it did. This course taught me how to connect with the chart itself intuitively and share the story of the soul. It was a space of non-judgment which I believe was the key to growth!"

Lauren W.

"Astrology courses can be dry and technical at times and devoid of the magic that it actually is. I am so thankful to be a certified mystic astrologer and to have a grounded and spiritual basis for my learning. I was able to do a lot of practice charts and start my astrology and birth business last year thanks to the wonderful instruction of Andrea, Shay, and the guest speakers during the apprenticeship."

Regina V.

“Since finishing the apprenticeship program I have started my own company.  I do one on one sessions with clients using the unique techniques that mystic astrology is; reading their horoscope using a combination of western and the vedic system. I have also created my own basic course in Swedish "how to use your natal chart as a tool for self understanding and self acceptance. I dream of living only off this, and Andreas' program has truly given me a great foundation to start.”


"I have learned so much, I think the best part has been the whole journey, learning and growing in community, feeling that we are all in this together, even when I tend to be shy and reserved, just been part of the community and in a beautiful container every time we gathered, it's been a beautiful experience."

Aneika P.

“Since finishing the Apprenticeship Program, I have been meeting with clients from around the world offering in depth readings. It has become an additional source of income and a needed balance to my busy trauma counselling practice. When I meet with an Astrology client, I can more fully express my creativity and spirituality. It has been a very welcome addition to my life both personally and professionally.”

Jen C.

“Being in this container with so many amazing women made me realize how each one of us has her own unique voice and way of approaching astrology. I feel inspired and more confident in using my own, very much that it will resonate with the right people and that there is no wrong as long as I attune to my intuition and the Universe. Thank you for leading the way!” 

Sophie A.

Andrea Dupuis

Hi I’m Andrea...

I’ve been the Resident Astrologer of Rising Woman for the past 5 years. I started out as Shay’s personal astrologer and writing the bi-weekly New and Full Moon reports for the Rising Woman website.

A few years ago Shay invited me to create a program to teach my accurate mystic astrology method to others.

Since then we have trained thousands of people in my unique Mystic Astrology method which combines many systems of astrology both eastern and Western. I have trained over 150 apprentices to date who have gone on and are using this method...

I have studied with world renowned teachers both in spirituality and astrology and I’ve been on a deep spiritual journey for the past 15 years. I have been on many world pilgrimages and share not only my astrological knowledge, but my spiritual knowledge with those who join the apprenticeship program.

I hope to see you inside.

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