Freedom from Relationship Anxiety

Rewire your nervous system, Heal your trust wound and Become Secure


Do you feel overwhelmed with anxiety when it comes to relationships and dating?

Perhaps you find yourself chasing unavailable love again, feeling like you can’t fully be yourself with the person you’re interested in, and terrified they could leave at any moment…

Or you feel like you’ve finally found a healthy loving relationship but you struggle with intrusive thoughts - constantly questioning if they’re the right person…and terrified to commit to them fully.

You may feel like it’s hard to trust what people say even if there’s no reason to doubt them, hard to trust they’re fully committed to you - and even harder to trust yourself.

If any of these experiences sound like you, please know that you’re not alone.

I have worked with thousands of people who’ve also experienced these same painful patterns… 

And even though so many of them thought they could never break free - they did. 

They were able to find freedom, confidence & security in deeply fulfilling relationships.

And I know you can too.

These painful patterns we play out are forms of Relationship Anxiety.

At the heart of these relationship patterns are old lingering beliefs and cellular memories from when we were young.

Was it safe in our family system to speak up and use our voice?

Were we punished or sent to our rooms when we displayed emotions that were deemed “unacceptable”?

Was our expression encouraged and celebrated, or shunned and ignored?

Many of us learned how to behave in order to receive love in our first families, and this can lead to a loss of our own voice, or fear or asking for what we truly want. Many of us also experienced confusing or unreliable behaviour from our caregivers that today has resulted in fearful or anxious emotions when dating, or in relationships.

There are two types of Relationship Anxiety:

1. Anxious attachment that leads to chasing unavailable love and being on a hamster wheel with avoidant partners.

2. Relationship anxiety that keeps us in a state of constant doubt or mistrust in ourselves and our partners even when the relationship is committed and stable.
Both of these lead to the same thing - pushing love away and sabotaging the potential for a fulfilling partnership.

Why We Fall Back Into The Same Patterns

You’ve likely heard a lot about attachment styles on social media. There are endless memes and posts about how to heal our anxious or avoidant attachment styles.

And while a lot of it is well intentioned, much of the attachment healing content out there sets us up to fall back into the same patterns.

There’s often a huge focus on changing our mindset first. The idea being if you do mindset work and practice positive thinking, you’ll get different results.

And while this can be very effective for some things, more often than not with Relationship Anxiety this approach only works for a short time.

You may have been there before, caught up in the excitement “wow, I’m really showing up differently!” Maybe you’ve started speaking up more, setting some boundaries, feeling secure and confident for a few weeks - or even months…

But then something happens, often something so subtle you don’t even notice it, and the body & subconscious mind snap back into its old ways and default patterns.

Leaving you feeling discouraged and like there’s something wrong with you for not being able to make lasting change.

I can promise you there’s nothing wrong with you. You simply need a different approach to create permanent change in your body, mind and spirit.

Here’s the thing, relationship anxiety is deeply embedded in our nervous system.

And in order to heal our attachment patterns and our trust wound FOR GOOD - we need to address the attachment issue FIRST at the Nervous system level...


Freedom from Relationship Anxiety: 

A 6 Week Journey to Rewire Your Nervous System, Heal Your Trust Wound and Become Secure

Join Sheleana Aiyana, Founder of Rising Woman and Best Selling Author of Becoming the One for this new Program where you’ll discover the nervous system approach to healing your anxious attachment patterns for good.

In Freedom from Relationship Anxiety you will:

  • Put an end to chasing unavailable love or trying to win love from avoidant partners who leave you feeling anxious and confused. 
  • Know the difference between your fears and reality so you don’t implode a healthy relationship.
  • Learn communication strategies to speak up and practice using your voice with new or long-term partners. 
  • Access somatic tools and rituals for self-soothing so you can rewire your nervous system and feel in control & confident.
  • Transform feelings of unworthiness or fear into confidence, wholeness, and self-trust.
  • Get out of your head and into the present moment so you can let go of needing to rush things along.
  • Embody secure attachment so you can experience a deeply fulfilling, mature relationship where you feel seen, loved, and adored. 

This Program is for you if:

  • You chase unavailable love or find yourself caught up with avoidant partners on repeat even though you’ve done inner-work and recognize the pattern.

  • You’re in a committed relationship but you still feel anxious and experience a lot of doubt, uncertainty and confusion.

  • Having hard conversations feels difficult for you and can lead to things being left unsaid.
  • You sometimes try to rush a relationship toward commitment because the anxiety you feel with not knowing where things will go is too much for you.
  • The sensation of anxiety, confusion or uncertainty when dating can make you feel like you want to escape.
  • At times, you have unknowingly sabotaged a connection by constantly testing a person too hard until they end it. 
  • You find it hard to trust, even if a person hasn’t given you any reason to doubt them.
  • You seem to draw in the same types of people and you are ready to break the pattern and meet someone who’s fully available.
  • You want to become more confident, self-expressed and authentic in your relationships.

6 Weeks To Becoming Secure

Module 1

Understanding and Identifying People With Avoidant Attachment

  • Learn what causes avoidant attachment and the myths around avoidants
  • Know the difference between an Avoidant who's not ready vs. someone with Avoidant tendencies that may be ready for a relationship
  • Understand your role in the anxious-avoidant dance and learn how to create meaningful change in the relationship
  • Find out if your relationship has the potential to transform into a Conscious Relationship or not
  • Tips for if you find yourself dating or in a relationship with an avoidant
  • 'Relationship Health' Checkup. A checklist and journaling prompts to help determine the health of your relationship

Module 2

Healing Anxious Attachment and Becoming Secure

  • Learn what causes Anxious attachment
  • Know the difference between Anxiety fueled by Red Flags, your intuition telling you to pay attention, and relationship anxiety in a healthy and safe relationship
  • Learn what makes a person secure, and discover tools to begin working towards embodying secure attachment in your relationships

Module 3

Managing Anxiety During Dating and In New or Long Term Relationships

  • Self care commitments and how to prioritize your mental wellness while healing attachment wounds
  • A somatic approach to setting boundaries
  • Communication prompts to help you bring your truth to the table in new or long-term relationships
  • How to have a clearing: a simple script outline to use with a partner to talk about hard things

Module 4

Ending the Chase and Interrupting Self Sabotage

  • How to reality check yourself in the midst of feeling anxious 
  • Understand and end self-sabotage behaviours
  • Discover strategies and tools for when anxious attachment is triggered.

Module 5

Healing the Trust Wound

  • A powerful process to understand and identify the origins of your trust wound 
  • How to process anger and move toward forgiveness & acceptance
  • Inner-child work and reparenting
  • Building sacred trust with yourself

Module 6

Reality Checking: Knowing the Difference Between Anxiety, Fear and Intuition

  • Clarifying your feelings and needs and maintaining your truth in a relationship
  • A simple process for deciphering between anxiety, fear and intuition so you can learn how to trust yourself more fully
  • How to communicate when you’re feeling something is off in the relationship
  • Understanding shadow figures and how they play a role in your present relational struggles.

How The Program Works 

Experience a Safe Container For Deep Healing

This program is designed for you to feel safe, contained and supported - which is essential for making lasting change on your healing journey.

Six Weeks of Deep & Transformational Learning

You’ll experience six weeks of deep self-exploration and nervous system rewiring so you can heal anxious attachment patterns for good.

Weekly Learning Videos & Worksheets

As soon as you join you get immediate access to all 6 modules with videos, exercises and worksheets to help you rewire your nervous system, heal your trust wound and become secure.

Lifetime Access to Modules

Once the live program is complete, you'll receive lifetime access to the program recordings.

+ Free Bonus Videos & Audios

A Library of Self-Soothing Tools

Somatic work is the foundation of this program. If you truly want to heal and be free from relationship anxiety, you must rewire your nervous system - we do this through somatic practices. We can only get so far on the healing journey if we just keep it in the mind. We have to practice these new ways of being in the body.

This program has a full library of self-soothing somatic practices for:

  • Reclaiming Your Boundaries (7 min video)
  • Connecting with Your Body Wisdom (8 min video + audio)
  • Speaking Your Truth (20 mins video + audio)
  • Shifting into New Beliefs (10 min video)
  • Releasing and Gathering In (15 min video + audio)
  • Nourishing Yourself Through Touch (12 min video + audio)
  • Scanning Your Body Through Meditation (10 min audio)
  • Returning to Center with Box Breathing (4 min video + audio)

There's also a video in the library that explores in depth the importance of somatic work and how it can support you on the healing journey. (21 min video)

+ Free Bonus Sessions

2 BreathWave Experiences with Special Guest Facilitator

'BreathWave’ is a gentle and effective self-healing practice that allows us to actually regulate our nervous system, cultivate safety and help us access our true feelings & tenderness. There will be an opening BreathWave ceremony and a closing ceremony. 

+ Free Bonus Module

See Inside of a Secure Connection

Learn the hallmarks of a Conscious Relationship so you have a vision for what it is that you want in all of your relational interactions.

+ Free Bonus Live Session

Q&A Man Panel with Conscious Mens Coaches

Ben Goresky and Nick Solaczek

During this Live Q&A Session:

  • See inside various relationship challenges from a conscious man's perspective
  • Ask any questions you have about Men's work and relationships
  • Get insight from them on any relationship challenges you face, in a safe & loving container

+ Free Bonus Live Session

Conscious Relationship 101

With Shay and Ben

Join Shay and her husband Ben for a Live Session (with Q&A) all about what Conscious Relationship really is and how to create conscious love.


"Before taking the Freedom from Relationship Anxiety program I was leaving a long term situationship, my nervous system was in complete dis-regulation, and I was feeling very panicked in life. The course gave me a safe place to ground and start to regulate and most importantly re-build a loving relationship with myself. I now have a better understanding of how to show up for myself in hard moments and that has improved my confidence because now it is coming from a real self assured place."


“My goodness, I am ever so glad I signed up. Not only did it give me a better look into my past relationships, but also helped me dive deeper into where all my relating patterns stem from AND how to work through that to show up better in all my relationships and for myself. I know there's still plenty of work to be done, but I am so proud of where I'm at now compared to 6 weeks ago.”

 - Kathryn 

Meet Your Guide 

Hi, I’m Sheleana Aiyana, and I’m the Founder of Rising Woman, a community of over 3 million seeking to expand their self-awareness, heal their relationship wounds and reclaim their true nature.

For the past 8 years, I’ve facilitated online programs, spoken on stages to hundreds of people, and published a best selling book that has been translated into 13 languages in 16 countries. Today, my work reaches over 3 million people monthly.

Through my writing, programs and online experiences, I guide people to find an authentic pathway of deep healing through dynamic attachment repatterning work, inherited family trauma work and spiritual teachings. It fulfills me to see the results that my clients, students, and readers experience with my guidance and support.

After working with hundreds of clients from around the world, what I’ve realized is that – no matter their background – many people find themselves caught in the same unhealthy beliefs, harmful patterns, and vicious cycles in relationships.

It is my mission to support as many humans as possible heal any harmful patterns around love, awaken their empowered self, and create the conscious relationship that they deserve. And nothing would fulfill me more than for you to have the same experience.

Special Guest Facilitators in the Freedom from Relationship Anxiety Program

Sheleana has hand selected special guest somatic practitioners and healers to support you on this deep healing journey.

Georgianna Lee
Rising Woman Head Coach & Facilitator

Georgianna is a trained counsellor and coach who helps people cultivate self-acceptance, self-compassion and nervous system regulation skills so they can move through life with more ease and courage and create relationships they’re proud of. She's a Mother of 2 and co-hosts the podcast, Wholehearted Loving. She will mentor you on some of the live calls and also has many somatic practice videos for you in the somatic tools library.

Dr. Scott Lyons

Dr. Scott Lyons is a holistic psychologist, educator and author. As a renowned body-based trauma expert, Doctor of Osteopathy and Mind-Body Medicine specialist, Scott helps people to break free from cycles of pain, limited beliefs, and trauma. In his bonus pre recorded module, he leads you through a practice to Reclaim Your Boundaries.

Robin Clements

Robin Clements is an international leader in the field of Conscious Breathing. He is a Vibrational Medicine Specialist, a surfer, ceremonialist and a father. He is a heart centered breath facilitator and teacher, and offers breathwork training around the world. Sheleana has worked with him personally and he comes highly recommended. He will lead you through 2 Healing BreathWave Sessions.

Enroll Now Risk-Free

You might be wondering — does this program work? Will it work for me? How do I know Shay is the right mentor to guide me?

I want to assure you that your concerns are completely valid. It is also important to me that you feel completely safe as you begin your transformational journey to heal attachment patterns for good.

So I’m making this investment risk-free.

I want to create the best possible program for you. If 30 days after purchase you no longer feel the program is a fit for you — then just send an email to [email protected] and you will receive a full 100% refund.

What Freedom from Relationship Anxiety Graduates are Saying...

The live calls with Shay have been so healing for me. She helped me realize a lot of why I was disconnected from my soul and how to heal with compassion, grace and patience… it is to be a part of a safe and sacred container with so many other women to hold space for each other.” 

- Tatiana

“This program has helped me understand myself, my partner and my relationships better. This program is tapping into rationality, spirituality, communication skills, & somatic techniques to help me stay authentic & present with myself. Thank you Shay & your team! I can't wait to finish it & try another one of your programs.” 


“I'm grateful I joined because I was able to see how I was part of a community of other people who want to heal relationship anxiety, and learning the somatic exercises and other tools to be able to ground myself when I feel triggered (and asking myself key questions about what I want/deserve in relationship) has been invaluable.” 

- Elaiza

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