Get The Heart of Belonging Meditation Instantly

Enjoy this gentle somatic visualization with Sheleana Aiyana to open your heart and find safety within.

Sometimes the world can feel like an overwhelming place to be in...

If you feel alone, disconnected or like there's no one in your life who really sees you or understands who you really are - you are loved, and you belong here.

I'm Sheleana Aiyana - Founder of Rising Woman and I'm so glad you found your way here.

Download this belonging meditation to connect back to source, open your heart and feel safe in your body.

This gentle somatic practice and guided visualization will support you to release feelings of loneliness or separation and reclaim your right to belong. 

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What People Are Saying...

I felt so connected and grounded.

Thank you for this Shay! I will use this mediation regularly. I only started meditating recently and have fallen in love with it. This meditation is so connecting and grounding, I felt myself transitioning in and out of awareness while following along. It was really lovely.
-Trish V

Exactly what I needed.

I released my body from tension, let my thighs flatten, my shoulders fall, my chin lower. And in doing so, I felt a wave of emotion hit me. I avoid and suppress so much - I can see myself using this meditation as a ongoing tool to open up my body and release the trauma. This was exactly what I needed today. The universe has delivered on time once again. 
-Jennifer W


So relaxing and peaceful... 

The visuals of the pink mist were extra satisfying, it lifted me up hugging and supporting me. It was great to pause and explore the definition of belonging, it definitely unfolded different layers for me and the message repeating in my mind which is exactly what i needed to hear and absorb is "I am designed to heal". I am.
-Olesya B


What people are saying


"Sheleana’s words were so deeply supportive for me when my marriage ended. They helped me to reframe my perspective from seeing myself as someone who had failed to make my marriage work, to being someone with a deep understanding of what it means to rise again after losing something you’d used to define yourself. Sheleana’s words supported me in renouncing the shame I had been conditioned to feel, and defining my story for myself. I don’t have the words to articulate how much Sheleana’s writing meant to me during that time. I can only say that I will be eternally grateful."

Dené Logan Selkin
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

"Sheleana’s work has been instrumental in my understanding of how our childhood and human experiences shape us as adults. I remember reading her posts years ago and feeling like she was speaking directly to me. Her ability to explain complicated topics in relatable and simple ways is a gift. I am forever grateful for her vulnerability and service to those of us that are lost or curious on the path.... and need a guide."

Danica Patrick
Former professional racing driver, entrepreneur and author of the book “Pretty Intense”


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